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$ Easy Cash 4 Cans

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Our company New Colony Enterprise Inc is set up running as a redemption center under the New York Bottle Bill we collect cans, plastic, and bottles from different classes of the society and pays a 5 cents refund for every bottle that has a New York deposit that gets returned to us. We are formed to make our best effort in supporting a cleaner, healthier, New York and a greener planet.

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Pick Up

We are gladly to do pickups for our customers that has a quantity of 2000 or more. We do pick ups thru out New York City (queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long island, and Bronx) Please call us in advance so we can arrange a date for pick up
New Colony Enterprise Inc
102-19 44 Ave
NY 11368
Phone: 1-646-217 2626

Territory pickups

Requirements and how it works To have us do territory pickups . we need you to contact neighbors to participate in redeeming bottles at their particular house or yard. .all neighbors will need to have an add up volume of 3000 or more bottles weekly (cans,plastic,glass). .depending on the volume we could do more than one pickups per week. .All neighbors should be within a 3 block radius. .we will reward you a extra $15 for every 3000 bottles we pick up from you and your neighbors (cans,plastic,glass).

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Ongoing drop off .set up a ongoing drop off account for your business and organization .members can bring in their bottles and we will put the credits into the account .You can either get paid thru cash or check .Getting paid thru check option you can set a balance limit whether you get a check when your balance is $50,$100, $200 etc. One time bottle drive Plan a bottle drive and have members collect bottles and call us for pick up when you finish. It's easy and fast money.

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